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Advanced Prostate Stimulator Tech

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This article features a discussion of some advanced prostate stimulator technology. I do not recommend you try these toys if you are a first timer. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the mangasm alpha is the best toy for anyone looking to get into the practice of stimulating the male g-spot for the first time. The design is perfect for a guy who might not have had a lot of experience with this sort of play before, and it’s actually a lot more comfortable for the new-comer. If you are a bit more experienced though, then this article was written just for you.

The two toys I tried out recently are the Mangasm Spark and the Mangasm Electro. Both of these toys were designed with a lot of research and development, and they had very different feature sets. I wanted to see which prostate stimulator was the best. I also wanted to see if all of the hype that surrounds these toys is true, or if it’s just a bunch of marketing crap. I ordered both last month and I’ve had them for about two weeks. I used them both three times and wrote down some notes after each session.

The first impression that I had of the electro was a little intimidating. I wasn’t sure about using a prostate stimulator that used mild electrical pulses to stimulate the prostate. I have to say that the process was pretty amazing though. It feels as though the stimulation is coming from the inside out. I heard that they learned about this technology from sperm banks. The nurses supposedly use it to induce instant orgasms of a huge quantity. I can vouch for the validity of that concept, because I had a huge orgasm within about thirty seconds of the first try.

The prostate stimulator called the Spark is a bit different. This one looks a bit more like a woman’s toy, but that is a bit misleading. It has seven little prongs on the base which are used to massage and stimulate the taint. The shaft of the toy is designed to curve inside and stimulate the prostate. What happens is that you have a sort of pressure coming from each side, which results in one of the most amazing orgasms that you could experience. The combined pressure from inside and outside also increases the force of the orgasm significantly, which is always awesome.

So which prostate stimulator won my competition? Well, for high tech toys they are both pretty impressive. They seem to provide two different sets of stimulation, too, which is the thing that most people are looking for. It helps to have toys that provide different experiences, as it helps to keep the masturbation interesting. I have to give both toy an even rating of ten stars. The only thing I could ask for, now, is that they combine the two. I can’t even begin to describe how it would feel with the combination of pressures on the prostate. For all I know my balls would explode!

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