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Prostate Stimulation Methods-Interview With An Expert

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Recently, I had the chance to interview Ling Arturo, an expert in performing prostate stimulation on hundreds of her male clients. She is the leading expert in everything about male prostate stimulation. Enjoy her article below.

I grew up and lived in Japan for many years and was practicing to
become a RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) at a prestigious college.
As I practiced massage on my male clients, many of them were asking
me about prostate massage. I wasn’t sure what it was or how to do it,
but the men seemed very eager for me to do this form them and they
were willing to pay big money-up to two hundred dollars per hour!
Needless to say I did some investigating into prostate massage and at
first was a little shocked by what they were asking. You see in Japan,
most men that are interested in prostate stimulation and prostate
massages are more concerned about the prostate health benefits that
happened when you perform a prostate massage. Many men just wanted
some relief from some of their prostate pain and prostate stimulation is
very effective as a natural treatment.

It wasn’t till I moved to Europe for a few years and then came to the
United States in 1997 did I realize men wanted a prostate stimulation to
experience intense and long lasting prostate orgasms for sexual

I am confident in saying that I have performed hundreds of prostate
massages on men all across the world. These men are guys just like you
who have learned about the pleasure from having a prostate massage.
In consulting and writing an E-Book with prostate massage expert,
Jonas Sterling, I am confident that with the tips and information in the
follow pages that any man can experience the pleasure “locked within”
your prostate.

You can learn more about Ling Arturo and her prostate stimulation E-Book at

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