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Fun With a Partner

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Fun with a partner

When I first started on this prostate stimulation guide, my goal was to teach guys how to do it on their own. But I quickly realized that it would benefit other men if they knew that they could use this prostate stimulation guide with their girlfriend. The first time I ever had my girlfriend stimulate my prostate, she was a bit nervous about it… but when she saw how much sperm came out, she was really, really turned on, and she wanted to do it all the time.

We all know that women love it when a man can shoot a huge load. So convincing your girlfriend to help you with what you learn in this prostate stimulation guide shouldn’t be too tough. There are a few things that can help you get some help from your lady friend:

1. Tell her about the health benefits, and how this reduces your chance at getting prostate cancer

2. Tell her how it will really improve your orgasms and increase the amount you ejaculate, and how much pleasure you will get

3. Tell her that, by using this prostate stimulation guide, you can share new experiences and have more fun together

Your girlfriend likely wants to please you in the bedroom. You probably want to experience more intense orgasms, with a lot more ejaculate each and every time. Once you and your girlfriend are ready to start experiencing more fun, you definitely want to put the tips in this prostate stimulation guide to use.

So, just how do you get started? Well, if you have stimulated your own prostate, you know that you probably want to use some lube. Your girlfriend won’t have any trouble understanding this. You are going to have to guide her with your voice. Help her find the prostate by telling her when she has gotten it. Tell her to push her fingers up and down, just like she does when hitting her G-Spot.

What will really help is if you are both comfortable and if you want to try using some different prostate stimulators, such as those provided by the Mangasm company. I particularly like the Buzz and the Rush, but they have about a dozen models you can check out. You definitely need to use lube with these.

Whether you are going to just experiment with your partners fingers, or you are going to try a toy, congratulations! You are doing something to enhance your sexual experience, as well as improving your health!

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