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Okay, guys, listen up.

I’ve written a few good articles in this prostate stimulation guide about using your fingers as a prostate stimulator, having your girlfriend get in on the prostate stimulator experience, and also a few toys that fit perfectly.

It’s safe to say that I’m a bit of a nut for prostate stimulation.

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Why Choose Prostate Stimulation

Why Choose Prostate Stimulation

Many people have heard of it, but few people seek out a good prostate stimulation guide. Most people are afraid to even give it a try. The truth is, once you get over the initial embarrassment, a prostate stimulation guide can make your life a lot better. There are a couple of reasons for this, but it boils down to two simple things:

1. 75% pleasure

2. 25% health reasons.

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Prostate Stimulator

Prostate stimulator

What good is a prostate stimulation guide without the discussion of prostate stimulators? There are a lot of different prostate stimulators out there, and I have personally tried many. I knew when I put together this prostate stimulation guide that I would have to mention a few, so I placed a couple of orders and got some new toys. I did this for a few reasons:

1. I wanted to recommend the best prostate stimulators I could

2. I wanted to make sure I had tried the different prostate stimulators before making a solid recommendation

3. I wanted another excuse to add a few more prostate stimulators to my collection!

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Fun With a Partner

Fun with a partner

When I first started on this prostate stimulation guide, my goal was to teach guys how to do it on their own. But I quickly realized that it would benefit other men if they knew that they could use this prostate stimulation guide with their girlfriend. The first time I ever had my girlfriend stimulate my prostate, she was a bit nervous about it… but when she saw how much sperm came out, she was really, really turned on, and she wanted to do it all the time.

We all know that women love it when a man can shoot a huge load. So convincing your girlfriend to help you with what you learn in this prostate stimulation guide shouldn’t be too tough. There are a few things that can help you get some help from your lady friend:

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The Prostate Stimulator That Sparked My Fascination

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I wish I had a prostate stimulator when I first started jerking off – I would have been a much happier college student! You see, when I left home for college my girlfriend and I agreed that we would break up. We knew that we would have a hard time with a long distance relationship, and we didn’t want to cheat on each other. We agreed that we would see how things were going after we graduated, and if things were meant to be, then we would get back together. Sadly, I did not have any luck when I went off to college.

I thought that I would pick up a lot of chicks, but I never did. I am pretty sure that she did, though. Well, not chicks. I am talking about her picking up guys. I base this assumption on the fact that she got married when she was a junior in college. So, you know, I am pretty sure she started taking a lot of rod when she was a freshman. Anyway, the overall situation had me pretty depressed, and it wasn’t until after I graduated that I found the prostate stimulator. If I had it from the beginning, I would have been much happier.

You see, I am sure that I wouldn’t have sat around all depressed about the lack of snatch I was scoring. I would have been too busy using the prostate stimulator to please myself back in my dorm room. I was lucky and had a room to myself. So you might be wondering how I found out about these toys and decided to put them to use. Well that is a pretty interesting story, too, so I might as well just tell you.

It all starts with a party I went to after graduating college. There was this chick who wasn’t too hot, but you could tell she was into fucking. We both got a little buzzed and she asked me if I wanted to go back to her dorm to have sex. Since it had been four years and I was drunk I told her that I was up for it. When we got back she told me that she wanted to give me a prostate stimulator, because she could tell that I was feeling depressed and could use a good escape. I asked her what that was and she told me that she would show me.

The prostate stimulator she gave me is called the Mangasm Spark. This toy is pretty insane and I can’t believe that I let her work me with it. You should just check it out if you are curious. Anyway, she started working me and I realized that I liked having this thing pressing against my prostate. Shortly after that I started feeling the familiar bubbling in my balls and the cock volcano erupted with more force than I knew possible. I think that even she was impressed by the huge fountain of goo that blasted out.

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The Prostate Stimulator Sperm Shot

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My girlfriend brought home a prostate stimulator last night, and I am impressed. At first I told her not to even think about it. I thought she was out of her mind. It turns out that she went to one of those parties where all the women get together and check out dildos and then buy whatever they want. Now I don’t know if this is normal or not, but she told me that the hostess had some guy come over, and he got down on his hands and knees for a live demonstration of the product that my wife ended up buying.

She told me that this guy was on his hands and knees and the woman started working his prostate from behind. Without even touching his dick the guy started cumming in about two minutes. She said that the look on his face was the most amazing thing she had ever saw, and that she wanted to give me that kind of pleasure, so she bought it. I was a little pissed at this story, because I didn’t like the idea of my wife watching some guy busting his nut, but if she was that impressed to buy the prostate stimulator, I figured I would give her the chance.

So we got everything ready to go and she got to work on me. She was really sweet, actually. She took a long time licking my shaft and the balls, and she really took a lot of effort to just make me really horny. When she thought I was about to cum she told me to stop so she could use the prostate stimulator. I told her to go for it. She put it inside and then slipped her lips back around my cock, taking the head to the back of her throat.

Okay, now listen: I don’t know if she knew what was about to happen or not. But by putting the tip deep in her throat I think she prevented herself from drowning on my cum. When the prostate stimulator hit my gland, I really just lost my mind. All of a sudden my body started going nuts and this amazing feeling developed in my balls. They really felt like they were getting heavy, and then they suddenly just felt like they were getting tight. With that, I put forth what I believe to be the biggest load in history.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) my dick was buried in my wife’s throat, so I didn’t get to see how much cum I really made. I know that when she came up there was some on her lips, meaning that it must have filled her mouth. The toy she was using was called the mangasm Rush, and I think it was a little big for a first timer, but if you follow the method that my wife used, you should have no problem with the experience. All I have to say is that you need to give it a try if you haven’t already.

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Advanced Prostate Stimulator Tech

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This article features a discussion of some advanced prostate stimulator technology. I do not recommend you try these toys if you are a first timer. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the mangasm alpha is the best toy for anyone looking to get into the practice of stimulating the male g-spot for the first time. The design is perfect for a guy who might not have had a lot of experience with this sort of play before, and it’s actually a lot more comfortable for the new-comer. If you are a bit more experienced though, then this article was written just for you.

The two toys I tried out recently are the Mangasm Spark and the Mangasm Electro. Both of these toys were designed with a lot of research and development, and they had very different feature sets. I wanted to see which prostate stimulator was the best. I also wanted to see if all of the hype that surrounds these toys is true, or if it’s just a bunch of marketing crap. I ordered both last month and I’ve had them for about two weeks. I used them both three times and wrote down some notes after each session.

The first impression that I had of the electro was a little intimidating. I wasn’t sure about using a prostate stimulator that used mild electrical pulses to stimulate the prostate. I have to say that the process was pretty amazing though. It feels as though the stimulation is coming from the inside out. I heard that they learned about this technology from sperm banks. The nurses supposedly use it to induce instant orgasms of a huge quantity. I can vouch for the validity of that concept, because I had a huge orgasm within about thirty seconds of the first try.

The prostate stimulator called the Spark is a bit different. This one looks a bit more like a woman’s toy, but that is a bit misleading. It has seven little prongs on the base which are used to massage and stimulate the taint. The shaft of the toy is designed to curve inside and stimulate the prostate. What happens is that you have a sort of pressure coming from each side, which results in one of the most amazing orgasms that you could experience. The combined pressure from inside and outside also increases the force of the orgasm significantly, which is always awesome.

So which prostate stimulator won my competition? Well, for high tech toys they are both pretty impressive. They seem to provide two different sets of stimulation, too, which is the thing that most people are looking for. It helps to have toys that provide different experiences, as it helps to keep the masturbation interesting. I have to give both toy an even rating of ten stars. The only thing I could ask for, now, is that they combine the two. I can’t even begin to describe how it would feel with the combination of pressures on the prostate. For all I know my balls would explode!

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The Prostate Stimulator Showdown

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I want to talk about my favorite prostate stimulator. But before I get into that in too much detail, I want to give you some advice. When you first start working the male g-spot, you should definitely use your fingers or a toy that is designed for the first-timer. The reason this is important is because a larger toy can be intimidating, and you might give up before you get to really experience the thrill that comes with the prostate orgasm. I would hate for you to miss out on that opportunity, so I recommend you start off light.

There is a toy that is designed for the first timer and it is called the Mangasm Alpha. I was given this toy by a woman I lived with for one summer in Philadelphia. She was a little bit older than me, but she really liked having a guy hang around the house that could play the guitar and just fuck her whenever she wanted. I lived with her for about four months but then she got serious with some guy from work, so I had to move out. That’s how things go sometimes, I guess. But I digress!

The toy that she gave me opened the door to the world of the prostate stimulator. After I used that one for about two or three months on my own, I decided that I needed an upgrade. The choices were easy to make, as they had two that were very similar to the alpha, but they were just bigger (and one of them vibrated). I got both, and while the Mangasm Buzz (the vibrating version) was great, I prefer the rush. I guess the vibrating stuff isn’t for everyone. I would say that you have to try both in order to really make up your mind about what you like, though.

The thing I really like about the rush is that, as a prostate stimulator, it has the perfect shape. It’s easy to insert. The material is also perfect. When you lube it up it seems to absorb just a tiny amount of the lube, but the surface becomes really slick. It will pop in your ass without you even feeling a thing when it’s lubed up properly. The only thing you will feel is the intense pleasure that comes with having a mild pressure on your prostate, and that’s what you want.

With the help of my favorite prostate stimulator I am able to have orgasms that are really impressive. They tend to last for about forty five seconds to a minute, and I produce a lot more semen than I would if I was just working myself with my hands. I like to pair the use of this toy with another that I have (it’s a fleshlight) when I am stuck alone for a while. A few days alone are actually welcomed because I have these toys and some pretty good porn. I hope to find another women that wants to use my toy soon, though.

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The Prostate Stimulator Professor

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I love having an orgasm induced by my prostate stimulator. Don’t get me wrong, though. I like any orgasm that I can get. I like when I just jerk off with a porn, I love when I have sex with my girlfriend, and I even like using the fleshlight models that I have collected. But each and every one of those situations are improved with the use of a prostate toy. I had discovered this technique a few years ago but only recently started using it on a regular basis. I think I should explain what happened back then.

I was about to graduate college and I had started dating one of my professors. She was pretty hot, but she was older. She is what we would refer to as a MILF. The thing is, she was pretty freaky in the bedroom. She liked it when I would tie her up, tickle her, spank her, and put these little clamps on her nipples. One day she told me it was my turn to get kinky, and she told me we were going to use a prostate stimulator. I figured I owed it to her since she gave me some of the hottest sex I could imagine.

She had me go into her dressing room and get on a chair on my knees. She positioned my ass so that it was sort of sticking out, and then she put lube all over her hands. She stood there jerking my rod for a good ten minutes before she got the toy out. She poured lube all over it and told me that I was in for something really special. I told her to give me what she got. That’s when she took the prostate stimulator and slowly started working it inside me.

At first I was a bit nervous, but after the first couple of seconds things started feeling pretty good. When the toy was fully inserted I felt the pressure on my prostate and it was like some angels were smiling on me or something. The feeling that the prostate stimulator gave me was really something else. There was what I guess I can call a warm, pleasurable sensation that started in my ass but spread through my balls and into my shaft. As she started increasing the intensity of her strokes, things really started to get intense.

When I busted my nut it was amazing. It felt like I was cumming for about five straight minutes. Everything was messy. She gave me the toy to take home and I found out that it was called the Mangasm Rush. I still have it and use it to this day. I had actually lost it for a little while, which is why I didn’t keep up with the practice, but when I found it a few months ago I started using it all the time, including with my current girlfriend. She loves the huge loads I splatter all over her when we use the prostate stimulator.

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The Prostate Stimulator Orgasm is Intense

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A prostate stimulator will enhance the quality and quantity of your orgasm. One thing that just about every guy dreams of is being able to produce monstrous amounts of cum during orgasm. The best way to do this is by stimulating the prostate gland. This is pretty easy to do, whether you decide to use your fingers or a toy. The good news is that there are toys designed with this purpose in mind, and they are totally safe to use. Not only do they make it easier for you to find the prostate gland, but they also apply the right type of pressure.

When you are using your fingers instead of a prostate stimulator, you are going to have to guess what kind of pressure to apply. When you use a properly designed toy, all you have to do is insert it. The shape of the toy will be designed to put a light and pleasing pressure on the prostate. From there, you can tilt it, just like you would if you were hitting a woman’s g-spot. I actually like the fact that I have a g-spot, and I love to work mine. But the best part is the huge load that I can shot.

When you use a prostate stimulator, such as the Mangasm Voyager or the Mangasm Spark, you are going to cause your prostate to produce a lot more fluid. The light pressure that you apply will also help to increase the force behind your orgasm. When you finally cum, your prostate will shoot out all of its fluid, which will combine with your sperm. The light pressure increases the force at which it comes out while also extending the length of the orgasm. With all that extra fluid it will feel like you are never going to stop.

The first time I used a prostate stimulator I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew that I was going to have a big orgasm, but I didn’t expect to end up with a mess on my hands. The thing about these orgasms is that the fluid is much creamier, as opposed to the thicker, chunkier types of cum you might sometimes shoot out. That means the mess is a bit easier to clean up, but it’s still pretty sticky. Make sure you have some tissues on hand before you get started to avoid having to walk around with jizz on your hands.

When you get your prostate stimulator make sure you also get some lube. There is nothing worse than what we call the “dry run.” You can get the toy in there and stimulate the prostate without lube, but it’s just not as fun or comfortable as it should be. If you spend the extra five bucks on a bottle of lube then you will be able to enjoy the process that much more. Just make sure you are really ready to have a great orgasm and pass out right afterwards, because you will.

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How I Learned to Love My Prostate Stimulator

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With a prostate stimulator you can have easier prostate stimulation than you thought possible. If you have been trying to work your gland with your finger, then you definitely know how tricky that can be. The positioning can be a little bit awkward, but you probably know that it is worth it. The cool thing, though, is that there is a technique you can use that makes it a lot easier for you to work your prostate. All you have to do is get a toy that is designed just for this purpose and you will be able to make it happen.

When you get your prostate stimulator you want to make sure you get the right one. If this is the first time you will be putting a toy up your ass, then you should look at a smaller toy. My first was called the Mangasm Alpha, and I have to say that it was easy to get it in there. If you like it (which you will) then you can move up to the identical, but larger version, called the Mangasm Rush. These toys are both designed with the male anatomy in mind, and they make it really easy.

They have a bulb at the tip that puts a light pressure on the prostate gland. Every prostate stimulator that is worth checking out has this feature, so that isn’t really what makes them so special. Instead, it is the material that they use. It is soft, yet firm, and really smooth. I think it is called pleasure grip, but don’t quote me on that. The coolest thing is that once it gets in there you will immediately feel the pleasure radiating from your prostate outwards. The feeling will be similar to what you experience right before you cum.

When you learn to get into the prostate stimulator experience, you are going to want more and more experiences. If you decide you want to get wild, you can try something like the Buzz or the Voyager, both of which are shaped differently than the alpha/rush, but they provide vibrations. If you get really curious, then you can try something called the Electro. Honestly, I am not brave enough for that toy, yet, but it sounds pretty awesome. It uses small electrical pulses to stimulate the prostate and to make it constrict itself. The experience sounds pretty cool.

When you learn that you want to try a prostate stimulator you need to just go for it. Don’t be afraid. A lot of guys hesitate because they think that they might be gay. It’s not anything to worry about. This is actually one of the best things you can share with your girlfriend. All you have to do is ask her, and she will most likely want to give it a try. I like to hear from you guys about your experiences, especially if you have used any of the toys that I recommend, so make sure you send me a message if you try my suggestions!

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The Prostate Stimulator Mutual Orgasm

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The Prostate Stimulator Secret Bonus

If you want to have bigger, more powerful orgasms, you should use a prostate stimulator. The most impressive thing about this method is that it is way easier than using your finger. You will experience an orgasm that really blows your mind. I remember the first time I ever used one of these toys, and it is definitely one of my favorite memories. Starting with a little bit of lube, I inserted the toy and immediately felt the bulb on the tip applying a light pressure to the gland. It felt very good, and it was actually better than what I had felt with my fingers.

After I had experimented with my prostate stimulator on my own, I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to give it a try. To my surprise she was very excited about it and eager to give it a go. Within about ten minutes she had me pouring out more goo than I had ever imagined possible. I think it was the combination of getting a little bit of pussy and then having her work the gland. Whatever it was, I am sure that I was really turned on and it was a pretty hot moment.

She had bought me a new toy a few weeks after that. She said it was called the Mangasm Alpha. Of course, I didn’t care what it was, I was just excited to try it out. She took care of me in the best possible way. What I didn’t expect was that she wanted to use a measuring cup to see just how much jizz I could produce in a single go. I was pretty surprised, as I poured out about a third of a cup. This was really one of the proudest moments of my entire life.

After that, we kept trying new things. We figured out how to have sex while she stimulated my prostate. It’s pretty tough to describe the position, but I am going to do it. The first thing you have to do is sit on a chair with your ass hanging off the edge. She needs to sit on your lap, slipping your cock into her pussy. From there, she can reach underneath and put the prostate stimulator inside. If she is talented enough, she can grind her clit against you while she works your prostate gland. It’s a pretty hot and sexy experience.

When the two of your reach orgasm, it’s going to be pretty intense. You will probably shoot out so much cum that it drips out of her pussy and down on to your balls. I’m sorry if all of this is a bit graphic, but the experiences you can have with a prostate stimulator are really some of the best you could ask for. With just a little bit of creativity you can figure out more positions that are easy for both of you, although this is the only one that I found that lets both of you cum.

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The Prostate Stimulator Secret Bonus

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The Prostate Stimulator Secret Bonus

Using a prostate stimulator is the best way to experience an intense orgasm. You will find a lot of information about mail g-spot stimulation and how to accomplish it. Most of it will encourage you to try using your fingers. At first, this method was okay. But after I had done it for a few times I got tired of it. The problem is that it’s just too awkward to stimulate the penis and the prostate at the same time. Thankfully there are alternatives, and you probably already know about them since you are here. If you don’t, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Having a prostate stimulator makes the whole process simple. You see, they design these toys with the male anatomy in mind. They are shaped just right for easy insertion and prostate stimulation. After you experience an orgasm with one of these toys you will never want to use your fingers again. One challenge with using the fingers is that the prostate can be tricky to reach. It might be too deep, or it just might be tough for you to get comfortable while stimulating both the prostate and the penis. This was the big trouble for me.

Once I had a prostate stimulator I found it to be quite easy to achieve both forms of stimulation at the same time. What I didn’t expect, though, was that the whole process would feel far better to that of using my fingers. When you use a toy that is designed to stimulate the prostate, you are going to find that things work out much easier. The good feelings start right on the prostate gland and then radiate out through the testicles and the penis. The feeling is very similar to what you feel right before an orgasm, but it lasts much longer.

The toy that I recommend you check out is called the Mangasm Alpha. This is my recommendation for anyone who is getting their first toy. If you are already familiar with the prostate stimulator techniques, and you are looking for something new, then I recommend you check out something like the Rush or the Buzz. Check out their site, though, because they have a lot of other stuff that I haven’t had the guts to try yet. All I know is that each time I get a new “upgrade” things are way better than they were before.

One guy wrote an email asking if using a prostate stimulator to improve the quality of orgasm will ruin normal sex or jerking off. It is not the case! You will actually have better orgasms after your prostate strengthens up just a bit. You just have to stick with it and use your toy for a few weeks, then you can go ahead and try it again without the toy. You will notice that you produce more goo and that you shoot it way further than you used to. This is definitely a great way to impress women.

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The Prostate Stimulator Benefits Explained

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The Prostate Stimulator Benefits Explained

I want to elaborate on the benefits of using a proper prostate stimulator. A lot of people have been coming to the site, and it seems that many of them are confused about what this means. It’s important that you first understand what not to use for stimulating the male g-spot. I do not recommend you use any toy that is designed for a female. This is the most common mistake, and I get a lot of questions about this topic. It won’t save you any money, and it certainly won’t provide you the type of pleasure that you are hoping to find.

When you use a properly designed prostate stimulator you will be working with a tool that is designed with the male anatomy in mind. The huge benefit of this is immediately visible in the shape and design of the toy. You will notice that most of these toys are designed for easier insertion as well as having the tip shaped just right to apply a gentle pressure to the prostate. Due to the difference in depth between the female g-spot and the male g-spot, toys designed for women just won’t work. It’s that simple.

A lot of people also write in asking about the different prostate stimulator toys that are available out there. I can agree that it can be tough to choose the right toy. There are literally hundreds of different toys for this purpose, and they range from some pretty wild toys to more moderate, introductory level toys. The choice you make with your first toy should be based around your experience with stimulating your male g-spot. If you have been using your fingers for some time and you are feel comfortable, then you can get started with a larger toy. If you are looking to start your prostate journey with a toy, a smaller one might make sense.

Two that I recommend are the Mangasm Alpha and the Mangasm Rush. These are two versions of the same toy, but the Alpha is smaller and designed for the beginner. Both of these will apply the right amount of pressure to the right spot, helping you achieve a fast, powerful orgasm with your toy. It doesn’t take much effort to figure out how to do it with these toys, as they were designed just for these purposes. If you are planning on making a habit out of this, I recommend you order both.

The other thing that you really need to know about using a prostate stimulator is that lube is essential. You don’t want to go on what is known as a “dry run.” This could leave you irritated, and that is not the goal. You want to stimulate yourself in a way that produces pleasure and mind blowing orgasms. If you are using this toy in the wrong way (without lube) then that is going to be rather difficult. Hopefully these tips help you. There are plenty of other articles on this site with more in depth information, too.

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